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JOINN Innovation Park

Biotechnology Acceleration Campus

JOINN Innovation Park is the emerging biotech campus for life science research and development companies in the San Francisco Bay Area biotech cluster. JOINN Innovation Park offers full service laboratories and offices for companies ranging from early-stage discovery groups through contract research organizations, as well as comprehensive pre-clinic research services.

Covering a current total of 350,000 square feet, JOINN Innovation Park offers a comprehensive choice of biological and chemical research labs, a superb GMP manufacturing facility, and general office suites. Located in Richmond, California, the JOINN Park campus is a convenient distance to UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco, including both Oakland and San Francisco International Airport.

JOINN Innovation Park, in its role as a Biotechnology Accelerator, provides full service research laboratories and office suites, preclinical facilities, and clinical manufacturing facilities for life science companies. As a strategic partner, JOINN Laboratories provides preclinical research services for those life science companies and will include research and development, consultancy, drug discovery and metabolism services, analytics and safety evaluation, and regulatory services.

Established Biotech Community

JOINN Campus has become a biotech community with over 30 resident biotech companies, providing services to help you to accelerate your research and business. Our services include antibody and protein drug discovery, small molecule drug discovery, IVD Research, stem cells, cell therapy, and both medical device and preclinical services.

Biotech Research Labs

Various sizes and configurations of research BSL1 and BSL2 labs, Cell Culture labs, molecular boilogy lab, clean rooms and other spaces are available for immediate use and include both biological and chemistry labs, with access to general equipment such as ice machines and autoclaves, a receiving dock with allotted storage if necessary, office suites, and conference rooms.

Preclinical Services

Comprehensive preclinical services are available at the campus, including pharmacology, efficacy studies, oncology and diabetes models, in vitro and in vivo studies, and husbandry services.

GMP Manufacturing

There are several production lines on the campus, including antibody production and vaccine batch production and gene therapy applications production.

Investment Services

The investment partners of JOINN Innovation Park provide early stage/angel investment, in addition to venture capital investment for later stage companies.

Business Operation Services

The campus can also pair your organizations with accounting firms and both business and intellectual property attorneys to speed up and maximize the efficiency of your business operations.

Highlights of JOINN Innovation Park

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Biotech Acceleration Campus

  • Full service research labs
  • Biotech acceleration space
  • Preclinical research services
  • GMP manufacturing

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