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GMP Manufacturing at JOINN Innovation Park

The GMP manufacturing facility at JOINN Innovation Park is a 100,000 square feet with large support areas. It has mammalian cell fermentation, bacterial fermentation and protein production.

GMP Manufacturing Features

  • Multiple class 100 clean rooms for vial filling and packaging
  • 50L, 200L and 1000L batch bioreactors
  • high-performance centrifuges, and Prep HPLC purification systems available
  • Portable bioreactors for prefusion process
  • Complete filling equipment installed
  • Process development labs, scale up labs
  • Dedicated media and buffer prepration area
  • Validation and quality assurance labs

Biological Production Lines

  • Prefusion based antibody drug production
  • Cell based drug batch production
  • Gene therapy production

GMP Support Facilities

  • ISO global standard ventilation system, piped gas streams, and WFI water system
  • Large Warehouse area for pre and post production materials
  • 1000KW emergency generator to backup power for critial production loads
  • Dedicated chemical storage building
  • Waste water processing towers