JOINN Biologics Logo

JOINN Biologics

GMP Contract Manufacturing Services

CDMO service provider for therapeutic biologics, including cell line development, scale up, purfication development, as well as contract GMP manufacturing services.

JOINN Laboratories Logo

JOINN Laboratories

Comprehensive Preclinical Services

Preclinical CRO service providing efficacy studies, PK/PD, and GLP Toxicity services, with rich resources cross the border US and China.

Staidson Biopharma Logo

Staidson Biopharma

Therpeutic drug discovery

Biopharmaceutical company focusing on therpecutic biological drug discovery, development, manufacturing and sales.

Catalent Inc Logo

Catalent Inc

Drug Delivery and Development

Catalent is a global provider of drug delivery technology and development solutions for drugs, biologics and consumer health products.

DiaCarta Inc Logo

DiaCarta Inc

Early Stage Cancer Diagnostics

Leading technology to diagnose early stage diseases via detecting small DNA mutation, with it's QClamp, SubperbDNA, CytoPlex technologies.

Pantomics Inc Logo

ProMab Biotechnologies

Antibody Research and CAR-T Cell Therapy

Provides antibody product and custom antibody research services, specialized in CAR-T and CAR-NK cell therapy services.

Pantomics Inc Logo

Pantomics Inc

Tissue Array Products and Target Validation Services

Provides animal and human tissue arrays for research, routine IHC/ISH control, and conduct tissue section-based RNA/protein analyses and target validation services.

BaySide Pharma Logo

BaySide Pharma

Small Molecule Drug Discovery Service

The medicinal chemistry and organic synthesis services to speed up client drug discovery programs from research to clinic development.

Accurus Biosciences Logo

Accurus Biosciences

Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Service

Acurus Biosciences provides the CRO services in antibody drug discovery, stable cell line generation, and cell based assay.



"Stemcell research, and genome editing service"

ALSTEM, specializing in iPS cell reprogramming and genome editing services, with a rapidly expanding portfolios and services for institutions in biopharma and academia.

Naia Pharmaceuticals Logo

Naia Pharmaceuticals

Therapeutic drug development

International drug development company that employs an innovative global strategy to clinically advance drug candidates

Miracotech Inc Logo

Miracotech Inc

Therapeutic Antibody Drug Research Service

MiracoTech Inc, is the drug service, discovery and development company specialized in therapeutic novel and biosimlar antibody drugs.

GeroNova Research Logo

GeroNova Research

The Lipoic Acid Company

Specializes in lipoic acid research and development at the unique dietary supplement development, mitochondrial targeted nutrients and proprietary delivery systems."

Ensigna Biosystems Logo

Ensigna Biosystems

Molecular Pathology Company

CRO service company providing cutting-edge molecular pathology and genomic services to the biopharmaceutical industry.

Arthus Biosystems Logo

Arthus Biosystems

S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) and Methylation Index

The first company to create a unique series of antibodies against S-adenosylmethionine (SAM, AdeMet, SAMe) and S-adenosylhomocysteine (SAH).

Volochem Inc Logo

Volochem Inc

Synthetic Chemists Service

Volochem provides reagents, fine chemicals, and medicinal chemistry building blocks to support synthetic organic chemists and life scientists, focus on quality and timely delivery to expedite our customers’ work.

Next Interactions Logo

Next Interactions

Yeast Base Protein Interaction Services

A proteomics services company that delivers more complete, sensitive, and precise measurements of protein-protein interactions, advancing with NGS technology. "

BACPAC Genomics Logo

BACPAC Genomics

Expertise in genetic engineering

Derived from the renowned BACPAC Resources Center, with the expertise, scientific reputation to manipulate and handle large genomic insert materials such as BACs and Fosmids with the highest quality standard and efficiency.

Stemimmune Logo


Cell therapy research

Specialized in the high quality cytokines, recombinant proteins, mediums and other kits for research.

C&ampM Biolabs Logo

C&M Biolabs

Cellular and molecular Biological Services

Provides reagents and new cloning systems products, provides the services in cell and bilogy services.

ImmunoMab Inc Logo

ImmunoMab Inc

Therapeutic Antibody Discovery

"Antibody drug research and development services, cell line development, cell base assay"

Biopromind Inc Logo

Biopromind Inc

Biotech Campus Management Services

Provides operation services for life science properties, with rich efficient and cost effective operation experiences.

Cyto 360 Bioscience Logo

Cyto 360 Bioscience

Cellular and molecular biology Services

"Provides reagents and new cloning systems products, provides the services in cell and bilogy services."

Edgehill Biosciences Logo

Edgehill Biosciences

Biospecific Therapeutic Drug Discovery

Edgehill Biosciences is specialized in bispecific therapeutic antibodies research and development.

Astrileux Corp Logo

Astrileux Corp

IC Chips Research

Advanced engineering technologies that enable high volume manufacturing of next generation IC chips at 14 nm and smaller.

Bioxytech Retina Logo

Bioxytech Retina

Diabetes Diagnostic Device

Early stage startup in research of optical device to diagnose diabetes, via non-invasive imaging technology to help save the vision of patients with diabetic retinopathy (DR), a leading cause of vision loss in the US and worldwide.

Maxterial  Logo


Nature Non-Sticky Solutions

Maxterial™ modifies the surface shape or texture of versatile materials, through a method that is very affordable and easy to introduce into the existing manufacturing process. The resulting microtextured materials dramatically reduce the contact area for the objects and droplets that contact the material surface.

Genebeyond  Logo


Recombinant protein and antibody expression

Focusing on new drug discovery and development including peptide and antibody library design, construction and screening, expression, purification and characterization and bispecific antibody development.

X-Therma  Logo


Next generation of cryoperservation technology company

Improve the transport and biostorage of regenerative medicine, a Cell-based medicine field. This includes stem cell storage & transport, in vitro fertilization, and organ delivery.

AbaloneBio Logo

Abalone Bio

Antibody therapeutics drug discovery for cancer, inflammation and pain

Abalone is shifting the paradigm for antibody development, isolating drug candidates directly by their modulating effects on integral membrane proteins. Our drug development programs address unmet needs in oncology, inflammation and pain sensation, targeting G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and ion channels.

Combio Pharma Logo

Combio Pharma

Antibody therapeutics drug discovery

Combio Pharma is early stage antibody tecnology company, with unique and advanced antibody drug discovery platform, focusing on biosimilar and noval drug discovery and development.

Jintel Health Logo

Jintel Health

AI for precision medicine

Service Platform for precision medicine intelligence

BioChains Logistics Logo

BioChains Logistics

Biotech Distribution Channel from USA to China

Provide fast and efficient cold storage delivery and custom clearance for biological products, reagents and samples from USA to China.